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Website not reachable

Website is reachable again.

If you're still experiencing issues with sign in, please let us know. Thanks for the patience! 24 Apr 15:07

We get reports about our backend not beeing reachable. We are currently investigating. 24 Apr 14:50


Build & crash processing interrupted

Both build uploads and crash processing has recovered. Please note that you need to re-upload builds that had been posted between 17:40 UTC and 22:00 UTC. Our SDK should automatically post crashes again that were not accepted during the downtime. 28 Feb 22:13

We are seeing reduced error rates on Amazon S3 and estimate that HockeyApp will be fully recovered at 22:00 UTC. 28 Feb 20:58

So far, no updates from Amazon when the issue will be fixed. 28 Feb 19:00

Amazon has updated their status page and is reporting increased error rates. We are seeing timeouts on all requests. 28 Feb 18:03

US East region of Amazon S3 appears to be completely down. This affects uploading new builds and crashes through our API, as well as downloading builds unless they were already cached in our CDN. We have currently no ETA for a fix on Amazon's side. 28 Feb 17:52


User Metrics and Events are showing incorrect data

Post Mortem: HockeyApp uses the Azure Application Insights pipeline to process users, sessions, and custom events. A change was deployed to this pipeline on November 18th, which validates the App ID of incoming packages with RFC 4122. A subset of App IDs on HockeyApp does not comply with this RFC, so data for these apps was rejected by the pipeline. After the root cause was identified, the validation code was fixed to include the full set of App IDs. 22 Nov 22:44

The issue is resolved. If you still do not get users, sessions, or custom event data, please contact support. Our apologies for any inconvenience this interruption may have caused. 22 Nov 05:48

The fix is rolling out now over different instances and data centers. User, session, and custom event data should start trickling in again. 22 Nov 03:54

The issue is caused by a problem in Azure Application Insights, affecting a subset of App IDs. The Application Insights team is estimating to have a fix until the end of today (Pacific time). 21 Nov 21:50

We are currently investigating an issue with our metrics and events integration. As of now, there are no events show for the last 3 days.

We are working on finding the cause of the issue and will update once we can provide more information. 21 Nov 14:01



The network issue was fixed and all system are back to normal. Our apologies for any inconvenience this interruption may have caused. 30 Aug 04:43

We continue to work on a networking issue with Amazon AWS. 30 Aug 01:21

System is back up, but processing of incoming crash reports will be delayed or throttled due to networking issues on Amazon AWS. 30 Aug 00:00

HockeyApp is down due to a backend issue. Our team is working full-speed to bring the system back up. 29 Aug 23:39



The Application Insights subsystem has recovered. App creation should work again but might take a bit more time then usual. 08 Aug 17:55

Application Insights has an outage that affects the creation of new apps on HockeyApp. At the moment we can give no ETA when this will be fixed. 08 Aug 17:26


Unplanned Downtime

Database is back up again. We expect a slight delay in crash processing. 29 Jul 15:25

HockeyApp is down due to a database error. We are working on fixing the root cause. 29 Jul 15:20


Unscheduled Maintenance

We need to do some unscheduled maintenance within the next 5-10 minutes. Please excuse any service disruption that might occur.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 07 Jul 14:19


App Creation Errors

Everything should be back to normal at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. 24 Jun 07:24

Systems on Azure have recovered. App creation should work again but might take a bit more time then usual. 23 Jun 19:56

Azure has an outage affecting the creation of new apps on HockeyApp. At the moment we can give no ETA but everyone is working hard to bring it back up. 23 Jun 17:05


User Metrics and Events for new Apps are delayed

The issue has been fixed and data for new apps should appear within 15min. 07 Jun 21:11

An issue in our backend is causing delays in the metrics pipeline: for new apps, User Metrics and Custom Events data will show up on HockeyApp with a few hours delay. Once the data starts showing up for an app, the delay going forward will not be noticeable. This issue does not affect existing apps. 25 May 00:00


Background processing issues

An issue in our background queue system caused delayed notifications and processing of incoming crash logs and build between 11:00 AM and 2:00PM UTC. 06 Apr 14:58